BUDDE aims to enrich homes and inspire minds. 

The Cologne-based label creates versatile furniture and home decor to satisfy contemporary desires.

Careful craft, seamless functionality and timeless aesthetics fuel the studio’s dedication to create meaningful objects that last.

Whether it is a coffee table, stool or luminaire, all products by BUDDE share a common essence. Their ‘calm eyecatchers’ eliminate excess and focus on essential forms, and therefore integrate into various living spaces.

Founder of BUDDE, Johannes Budde, describes his form language as minimalistic: “In my designs, I focus on clear lines and the reduction to the essential. However, I do not refer to reduction as a solely aesthetic point of view. By creating a minimalistic design, I strive for simplicity and pureness in the idea behind it.”

Enriching homes with ‘calm eyecatchers’ 

– special but not flashy

The heart and mind behind the brand – Architect Johannes Budde

The studio’s belief is rooted in Johannes’ background in Architecture: furniture should not be understood as additive objects but as integrative components of space.

After studying Architecture (M.Sc.) in Stuttgart, Vienna and Milan, Johannes worked as an (interior-) architect in Düsseldorf. His passion to explore design in multiple facets led to the founding of BUDDE in late 2019.

His partner and co-founder Meike Papenfuß leads the business side of BUDDE. With a background in Design Management (B.A.) as well as Innovation & Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.), the duo complements each other well. Together, they share the same mission to sustainably grow BUDDE.

The heart and mind behind the brand – Architect Johannes Budde

From architecture to furniture, founder Johannes Budde explores design in multiple facets. After having studied in Stuttgart, Milan and Vienna and having worked as an architect & interior designer, he decided to devote himself entirely to his passion in late 2019. Since the early beginning of BUDDE, his partner Meike Papenfuß has been onboard to support in brand building, business development and social media marketing.

We are on a journey to sustainably grow BUDDE in order to ensure our desired design and product quality at any time.

Since its founding, BUDDE has committed itself to sustainability and fair labour conditions throughout the value chain – from the selection of materials, production processes to logistics. This is why the studio consciously based the entire production in Germany.

Manufactured in Germany, BUDDE stands for contemporary design that is built to last.


  • Isola Design Awards 2021, IT – WINNER
  • Ein&Zwanzig 2021, DE – NOMINATED
  • European Product Design Award 2020, US – WINNER
  • International Design & Architecture Awards 2020, UK, NOMINATED
  • Ein&Zwanzig 2020, DE – NOMINATED