RUG’N ROLL – Concrete Stools

  • Concrete stools/barstools/benches INDOOR/OUTDOOR
  • Customized colour and shape
  • Handmade of an industrial concrete composite material
  • Measurements: (HxWxD)
    • Stool: 42 x 42 x 35 cm
    • Barstool: 62 x 42 x 35 cm
    • Bench: 42 x 100 x 35 cm
  • All colours available upon request
  • Manufactured on demand
  • Weight: 15-28 kg
  • WINNER: DesignWanted Award 2023
  • Represented at Mint Gallery, London, UK

RUG’N ROLL stools boldly introduce the unique, industrial material Concrete Canvas® to furniture design. Usually applied in civil construction, Concrete Canvas® is a flexible fabric which is impregnated with a thin layer of concrete. After it is hydrated, it hardens within 24 hours, stays in its shape and becomes highly durable, waterproof and fire-resistant. 

Instead of forcing the canvas into an envisioned shape, the material’s unique textile characteristics co-lead the production process and create organic forms – making each piece a “one-off”. Thanks to RUG’N ROLL, the versatile and texture-rich Concrete Canvas® awakens to new life.