SFIR – table luminaire

  • Luminaire with solid glass sphere
  • Made from 100% highest quality aluminium
  • 42 x 32 x 32cm (height x width x depth)
  • Available in: light creme
  • Dimmable LED light (warm white)
  • Designed & made in Germany
  • Assemblage without tools

SFIR generates a creative interplay between human and object in order to experience light in a new way. As a human-centered design, SFIR invites the user to playfully interact and switch between different light ambiances depending on utility and desire. 

The expressive heart of the table luminaire, the massive glass sphere, acts as a sophisticated spherical joint mechanism to enable a seamless 3D motion of the lamp shade while it also captures the light beams coming out of the luminaire’s foot. 

Thanks to a convenient (de-)assembling system that requires no tools,  SFIR is an expressive design that puts the human experience with light into the centre.